Skilled Probate Advice And Guidance

When a loved one dies, family members are often uncertain of the procedure that must be followed in order to distribute the decedent's monetary assets and settle the estate in accordance with his or her wishes. Often, family members contact the attorney after they have taken steps to initiate the process. A knowledgeable probate attorney can actually help reduce estate settlement costs by assisting with the determination of who should be in charge, evaluating whether a court proceeding (probate) is required, determining which debts and expenses should be paid, establishing an order of priority if there are not sufficient funds to pay all of the creditor claims and helping the heirs sort through the estate settlement and probate proceedings.

Deborah Doliner P.A. provides professional representation to clients throughout the estate administration process, including determining if probate is needed. We serve individuals and families throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Whether you are the personal representative of the estate, the trustee of the decent's trust or a beneficiary, we will guide you through all necessary steps to settle your loved one's estate — even if probate is not required.

Representing You Throughout The Legal Process

We are dedicated to providing guidance on the administration of the decedent's estate as well as ensuring you understand your rights, responsibilities and obligations. The exact process for settling an estate varies from case to case, but may include representation for the following:

Contact us at 305-662-9997 or by email to discuss your legal needs with a knowledgeable probate attorney. We offer free 15-minute telephone consultations, as well as office consultations for a nominal fee.